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  •   Stress is a common condition affecting everyone and if not well managed, it can lead to bad stress which can lead to unhealthy life. According to Dr Yvonne Thuo, a general practitioner based in Mater Hospital, Nairobi, “Complications of stress can emerge from bad stress or poorly man...
  • Everybody undergoes stress which can sometimes affect one’s ability to live a normal fulfilling life and diminish productivity at work or at home. According to Dr Yvonne Thuo, a general practitioner based in Mater Hospital, Nairobi stress is, “anything that causes a challenge or threat...
  • February 17
    Posted by Ann B
        An expectant mother is considered to have anaemia if her hemoglobin (HB) level is less than 10g/dl.  (World Health Organisation: <11g/dl) During pregnancy the blood volume increases by 46-50% whereas red cell number increases by 18-25 %. This leads to haemodilution (b...
  • Twelve years ago Amos Chege, 32, was aspiring to become a wiring mechanic when he started experiencing high fevers, excessive body sweating and later intractable nausea accompanied by vomiting. He visited several health facilities, treated aggressively for unclear maladies including brucellosis, t...
  • When Joseph ‘Pepe’ Njuguna, 63, of Kasarani, Nairobi developed severe vomiting one fateful evening of December 2015, he did not know that his life would take a turn he had never imagined before. He would first go to a private hospital, given medication in form of injections and let to ...
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