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  • Four years ago Humphrey Wainaina, 69, had gone to a clinic to have his routine glucose test done when he was found to have high blood glucose and subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. “Prior to my diagnosis I felt that my body could not tolerate sugar anymore and anytime I had sugar, I would...
  • Drug abuse is one of the most devastating health, economic and social event affecting young people in our society today. Speaking in his office, Aggrey Nyaboga, a laboratory medicine expert based in the Aga Khan University Hospital, Kitengela says, “the most affected are school going pe...
  • The early loss of a pregnancy is a devastating event to the mother. This, like any other losses of a loved one, elicits a period of grief and emotional stress. A mother may as well question as, and at times wrongly blame herself, to what her part was in losing the pregnancy. Did she work too hard?...
  • An update to our healthcare community website, has collapsed the system, I keep following up with the hosting team to help correct the error. It is Thursday night, the 13th of April around 10pm. I am a doctor in a Level V hospital, Kenya, working in the Surgery and Orthopedics department where I h...
  • Recently Jane, 80, developed funny sensation in her eye. “I would feel as if my left eye is tearing and whenever I rubbed on it, I noticed it was actually wet with tears,” she says. One day she closed her right eye only to realize that her left eye was not seeing at all. This prompted ...
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